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UPVC Locksmith

When working with UPVC door locks, our elite locksmith services will happily replace your locks, should they stop working. If your door will not lock while it is in the open position, chances are the locking mechanism in the door has failed; when this occurs, a new locking mechanism is required. If this has happened to you, please contact our services, and we will help in any way that we can.

With regard to UPVC doors, most modern systems have a multi-locking mechanism. When the first multi-locking systems were placed on the market, they were relatively ineffective, but shortly thereafter, newer, more effective models supplanted the initial inferior attempts. Most people believed that these MPL locks were maintenance free-but that turned out to be false. Currently, hook locks and strikes are far more secure because of the strikers that run efficiently the length of the door. The strikers can now be used to replace those older models when they begin to break, or they can be used at times when they become damaged due to blunted force and wear. Insurance companies have now caught on and are aware of the better locking mechanisms on the UPVC doors.

It is possible to diagnose the issue of the UPVC door: if it is impossible to lock your UPVD door while it remains closed, but if it is possible to lock the door while the door is open, then the door quite possibly could benefit from realignment.  Because the UPVC doors are so durable and heavy, they have been known to drop off and away from the hinge, which causes the mechanism to become far too low to lock to its perspective guides. If this should occur, the hinges on the door will require the proper adjustment, so that the door can find its way back into its proper place.

The term developed for this type of procedure is commonly referred to as the heel and toe, and the procedure requires straightening the door when it has fallen from its initial alignment; this job requires more than just simply adjusting the hinges, it involves adept locksmiths that can accurately realign the door. Typically, the care that goes into the adjustment process consists of heating plastic and remoulding the areas that require repair. If the job is done to perfection, the damage on the door will be erased, and the door will look like new.