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'Slim Jim' Usage

In just about every type of vehicle made in the United Kingdom and abroad, there is a control arm protruding out from within the door lock cylinder. Upon inserting the door key, the connection linkage and the control arm become activated when the door is either locked or unlocked. A slim Jim is typically used in instances when the car door key is not there, and the owner has given consent.

Furthermore, before deciding on using a slim Jim, the parts manual from the manufacturer should be consulted. It is useful to become familiar with the locking mechanism that is currently being worked on, for many locks differ quite a bit from one to the next, based on year, model, and make. For example, the control arm may be located at the front door on one vehicle and somewhere else in the next. The slim Jim should be placed on the outside of the car window, between the weather stripping and the glass window. It is essential that the notched end of the instrument be used to push downward on the control apparatus. As the slim Jim is used correctly, the car door unlocks. Most reputable slim Jims come with instructions explaining the exact locations for placement, i.e., where the arm is to be found based on the car make, model, etc.

Rarely is it a good idea for a novice to use a slim Jim, as there are countless ways in which the vehicle can be damaged when misused. The locking mechanism, the window, the internal components of the door are just some of those things that are sensitive to offending instruments. Moreover, the sensitive weather stripping can easily be damaged by just a few missed strokes. Experienced locksmiths should be the only ones attempting use of this equipment, as well as recovery management and law enforcement.

Typically, locksmiths, lockout specialists, recovery agents, and law enforcement need complete slim Jim kits and automotive entry equipment. In addition, the super slim Jim can be used on a broader range of vehicles, providing ample solutions where the original slim Jim fails. Basically, vehicles that possess vertical or horizontal linkages, which refer to anything wider than 1 1/4" x 25" -.032 in thickness are perfect for the super slim Jim. There is also a clamp on slim Jim available for interested buyers.