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Moving House

Are you moving out of your current house and into a new one? Who else may have the keys? If you are like the many millions of people moving these days, you may notice just how easy it is to misplace your keys. Moreover, it's quite alarming when you realize how many people may have keys to your new home: the movers, realtors, maintenance workers, etc. Statistics prove that upon moving into a new home, your chances of being burglarized rise exponentially. Our expert locksmiths strongly emphasize the importance of changing your locks after the big move; if not for yourself, do it for your family's peace of mind. In order to make sure your property and home are secured fully, call on our amazing locksmiths to attain quotes and further information.

Why change the locks in the first place? Moving is stressful enough in itself; it comes as no surprise that after arranging the moving company, after placing your items in boxes, after arranging new utilities and the like, overlooking the locks is quite common. Unless you have complete trust in the previous tenants, there is no reason to gamble with your personal safety and security. How many keys did they give away to people that they worked with, and relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.? According to Home Office statistics, within twelve months of moving into your new home, you are almost twice as likely to be burglarized.

Those houses that contain limited or no security measures are nearly ten times as likely to be burglarized compared with those that at least have minimal security systems in place. The home is that much more secure, even if only the basics are in place: deadlocks on doors and windows.

Once again, it is worthwhile determining just how many people may have access to your new home; this year alone, 36,000 homes will change hands, which means many spare keys circulating your establishment-this is quite alarming. Over half of British residents give away spare keys to outsiders. Halifax Home Insurance studies claim that millions of adults lose their keys each year, and most do not ever change their locks. Here are just a few more important reasons to change your locks: heightened security; locks should meet British Standard; locks may be worn and damaged; lastly, your property may just not have enough physical security. Our established locksmiths can change the locks on windows, doors, gates, etc.  If you want to make sure that your locks are up to British standards, just invite any one of our expert teams out to inspect, and they will either repair or replace your locks.