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Key Systems For Home Business and Software

Security and master key systems analyze any movement that occurs in a building in order to provide accessibility and security measures to the key holders and tenants. The designs are either a restricted key or an open section key, created to stop the duplication of keys. Our locksmiths can fit master keys for multi-tenanted buildings, colleges, flats, and domestic premises. The types of keys include padlocks, cabinet locks, mortice locks, or any additional combination. The master key system is patented for up to twenty years before restrictions are initiated, which then allows the key to be copied legally.

Our unrivaled locksmith team can fit a security lock to your own front door and register it in your name. This process stops duplication keys from being made without your permission. Keying methods can sometimes become complex because you may oversee a building with various departments and need to create doors that can be used by everyone. Perhaps maintenance needs access to other parts of the building; it is your job to facilitate the process of separating the different areas. Our services can create a system that works with your budget, and for an initial plan, just contact our helpful representatives.

Our computer system uses the best in software programs designed to create a master key system. The system helps to lessen the amount of risks that occur with ghost keys and cross keying. It would be best to arrange a time where we can visit the site to produce a graph that coincides with your facility. We will make a list of all the doors and types of locks within the premises. Things to keep in mind when ordering are the types and finishes of cylinders, the varying security levels (open section, restricted, etc.), and the master key capabilities. We will typically find the original markings on your key for where exactly it was cut; then you may want to supply us with a letter of permission from that original company so that we may order your replacement locks.

Briefly, the following are some of the differing key terminologies explained: Keyed to Differ (KD) is keyed alone and is only opened by the original key; keyed alike (KA) allows many locks to work with one key; master-keyed (MK) is every lock having its very own key; lastly, master keying is more complex, as various grouped areas within a building may require exclusive access, e.g. maintenance, deliveries, etc. A grand master key will have access to every building, a master key has full access to a particular building, and sub-master keys are for those in charge of specific departments. Lastly, cleaners and maintenance have keys to specific areas, and staff members have limited access areas in which they work frequently.