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Knowledge Base

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About This Page:

The purpose of this website is to educate and inform a varied audience, anyone from hobbyists, security experts, and law enforcement, to apprentice locksmiths. Upon completion, this website endeavors to engage its readership in the art of lockpicking, a variety of locksmith tools, locksmith training, and lock picks. Moreover, the widest range of locksmith lingo, the most comprehensive, abundant information will soon be made available to the masses.

If the project goes as planned, we hope the information herein will inspire and inform the interested party about the proper usage of equipment and tools, terminology, and training. It is our sincere wish for the individual to view this as a valuable resource, and return to it as much as possible and whenever needed, for the latest in technologies and trends in the business. 

In addition, you may wish to refer your friends, colleagues, and family, for there is valuable information for anyone affiliated with the locksmith industry. Again, it is not important whether you are a hobbyist or if it is your trade, there are extensive layers to this website that provide the appropriate information for either role.

Online Information and Contacts:

1st Alert Locksmith Training

8 Flag Lane North, Upton

CH2 1LE.

Landline: 01244  398019   
Mobile:    07786 050 408

1st Alert Locksmith Training School is one of the leading schools in the United Kingdom that helps provide the right training for those who want to become a qualified locksmith. We have all the facilities and staff to ensure that you are well trained and are efficent in carrying out your locksmithing duties.