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Damaged and Faulty Locks

For damaged or faulty locks, our team of locksmiths provides reliable lock installation, door opening, repair of locks, and replacement locks, for a variety of windows and doors, not limiting garages, roller shutters, and fire escapes. Most damaged or faulty locks can be opened with calculated effort, and many can be replaced on site. Among professional locksmiths, we opt to first repair your lock before replacing it; this allows for minimum damage surrounding the door. You can reach us on our emergency hotline, and we will respond with lightning speed.

Oftentimes customers deal with damaged or highly faulty rim locks, and our locksmiths can repair these locks, while keeping in mind your budget. Any opportunity to save money for you will be capitalized upon, whereas many companies do what they can to maximize your expenditure. If the damage is beyond repair, our experts will alert you to this fact and replace the barrel of the lock, before replacing the entire lock unit and casing. With regard to mortice locks, our experts in the field can repair these types of locks.

The common reason that mortice locks fail is due to vandalism, which occurs because an individual has chosen to utilize super glue in the lock, or some other foreign entity. There may be instances when the bolt has become damaged, marred, or bent in some fashion, usually the result of a burglary gone wrong, and the door is kicked in. There are a number of instances where a bolt is no longer usable.

UPVC locks require the locksmith to try the locked-doors mechanism, but the door must be at the open position. Realigning may be needed if the bolts slide into a locked position when the door is open; it's also possible that the door itself needs to be realigned. There are instances when the MPL mechanism fails, and in these unfortunate cases, then a reputable locksmith will need to be summoned to open the door. Usually, in this case, the entire lock mechanism will need to be replaced. Our locksmith services can initiate a care service for UPVC doors, involving a replacement of the damaged door; the process usually involves heating plastic and other workable means to remake the original appearance of the door. Once again, we look at repairing your issues first, and if the issues are deemed impossible to fix, then our experts will replace the locks.