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Lock Replacement Locksmiths

In those unfortunate moments, when you have lost your keys or have been locked out, or perhaps been burglarized, then it is certainly time to consider the options for upgrading your security. In order to replace your existing locks, so that they reach the British Standard or meet your current insurance requirements, our highly motivated, expert locksmiths can come to your aid. The proper fitting of door locks, window locks, and the like, will help to keep burglars away. Actually, 20% of burglaries gain entrance through windows and doors left open, so it makes sense to have strong locks that fit well, but it is up to you to get in the habit of making sure windows and doors remain locked at all times-this will certainly lessen the likelihood of getting burglarized.

Our amazing locksmith services include professional installation, namely doors, locks, and fitting for a variety of doors and windows. In addition, our services include security for roller shutters, fire escapes, garages, etc. Interestingly enough, two out of every three burglars attain access through the front door, so it behooves of you to find the best security locks for your establishment; this may mean forfeiture of previous locks in place. The Home Office states that five-lever deadlocks fall under the minimum British Standard, with regard to all outside doors. Mortice locks are placed within the door itself, and are only operable with the key; typically, these locks are seen on backdoors, but can be utilized for front doors, known as the Yale lock.

In addition, the Mortice locks are often referred to as sash locks, or perhaps deadlocks. So the deadlock is just the Mortice lock with a bolt and keyhole, whereas the sash lock normally refers to the latch, bolt, and two handles. Moreover, mortice locks have a variety of lever variations: 2,3, 5, and 7. Five and above is considered the British Standard. The more levers, the more difficult it becomes to pick the lock.

Our locksmith services intently propose upgrading locks to at least the five-lever regulation. Insurance companies provide services to establishments that meet this requirement. Another great aspect to the mortice lock is that a key must turn the deadlock, which renders burglars unable to unlock the front door, even after smashing a nearby window. Yale locks open without a key on the inside, and the front door locks automatically; this is a Yale lock. Cylinder rim locks are meant to fit to the surface of the inside door, by connecting to a cylinder that corresponds to the keyhole on the outside of the door. Our locksmiths recommend placing mortice locks in conjunction with cylinder rim locks, at least on the front doors. With one in three burglaries occurring through windows, you need highly visible locks to deter them.