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Key and Locker Locksmith

Just about every business suffers with issues regarding staff lockers, namely lost keys, damage to doors, and locks. When the company is dealing with lost keys, the problem can often prove to be quite costly and annoying. The result can be vacant or obsolete lockers, and this is truly a burden and time consuming as well. Our amazing locksmith service offers the best locker management system, and the service is extremely fast, efficient and meant to allow the customer to spend as little as possible.

Our expert services not only repairs and fits lockers, but it records the locker codes of each device and stores those codes in case they are needed at some point. All types of businesses can benefit greatly by utilizing separate codes for lockers and having those correlating numbers stored by our services-if need be. So in those instances when a new key is desired, customers simply need to send us their lock number, and we will then cut and match the key to within 48 hours of the initial call. This service proves to be quite useful, as many companies have a large staff and sometimes an even larger turnover. Some of the reasons are due to seasonal fluctuations, but whatever the case, your company needs to be able to have this functionality whenever needed.

The computer will optimally create the code, and then it will be sent in different envelopes so that they do not get confused. The lockers are built to suit the needs of the individual. The locker set-up comes with brand new British standard locks, master keys, cabinets for the keys, and lastly graved number plates. Our elite services also include locker repair service, which is always cost effective, fast, and thorough. If it turns out that we need to build another locker to meet your specifications, there are a myriad of styles and types to choose from.

Do not allow your inferior equipment to hold you back. The process of creating lockers and keys will save your company money in the long run because otherwise you are forced to pay for recurring repairs, maintenance, and the like. We understand that every company is unique, and security issues vary quite a bit with regard to establishments; however, we believe that we can solve many of your security issues, by providing the best lockers and maintenance available. Our locksmiths are proven to be the best in the business, and surprisingly our services are offered at an extremely low-cost.