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Garage Door Locksmith

Those standard up and over garage doors can sometimes make an easy target for criminals, as most thieves tend to look for easy opportunities, cases where there is little or no resistance. Our topnotch locksmith services provide the best in lock installation and lock services for a myriad of garage doors, including those that require padlocks, with hasps and staples, defenders, and mortice deadlocks.

Some of the most common security issues regarding garage doors are included in the following list: standard lock failure, buckled or caved-in garage doors, disconnected and snapped, or broken wires, which connect the rods to the locks. The most common types of locks designed for garages are the T Handle, Lever handles, ZA, Euro cylinder, and lastly Originals. It is vital that you keep every door that connects to integral garages secure; the best way to do this is to fit a mortice lock, meeting British standards, to either single or double garage doors, on whichever side is needed.

Security upgrades depend on any number of factors, and the solution to finding the best security option depends entirely on which type of garage door and the manner in which it closes. There are several options for security upgrades: hasp and staple padbolts can often be the answer. The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to these locks is that if you enter the property from inside the garage, by securing the padlock to a hasp and staple, this will provide the best type of security, or at least additional security to what is already in place. Another option may be to fix the bolts to runners up and on the garage doors themselves, both options offer effective, easy methods for securing the doors of your garage from within. Interestingly enough, hasp and padbolts are often cheaper than padbars, which are designed to the highest specification.

A garage defender provides added security and is a deterrent because of its visibility to potential intruders. Heavy concrete with an arm prevents tilting action, for it is bolted tightly to the base plate, this makes entry nearly impossible. For double garage doors, which open out, mortice deadlocks are fitted appropriately on the outside of the garage doors. Finding added security is vital, but it requires patience because the process takes time. There are a myriad of products that can add to the security already in place, but not every product can fit to your garage, so it makes sense to have it assessed before purchasing unnecessary equipment. For further advice and a quote, please contact our helpful representatives.