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Company Registration

Locksmith On Demand is in the process of becoming one of the main companies in the United Kingdom for providing customers with locksmiths and locksmiths with customers. Presently we are aiming to establish long term partnerships with locksmith companies who can join our network and base their service on reliability, affordability, and customer based service. Locksmith provides one of the best ways to advertise and generate leads for your business.

Locksmith On Demand has been established not just for the people looking for locksmiths but also locksmiths themselves. By registering your website with us, we can assure a steady stream of work being directed to your business. Currently we are already having huge success in providing numerous companies with profitable solutions.

Becoming a Locksmith On Demand Partner:

  • Registering your locksmith company with us will ensure steady supply locksmith work leads

  • We only register one company in each area which ensures a monopoly of work within chosen area

  • Low monthly fee allows a huge return on investment on this locksmith advertising

  • Free trial for 6 months

  • Researched and proven system, We guarantee more leads

  • No long-term contracts and no tie in periods

  • Free and exclusive set-up

In order to proceed we would require the following:

-  A 250 word written company profile explaining your services
-  A link on your website under "Locksmith" pointing to http://www.locksmithondemand.co.uk

All the leads you generate are free of charge for six months. Also you will be the only company in this area that will be advertised. In addition to the your chosen area the marketing will also incorporate all the towns and villages within.

However it will take three or four months for your enquiries to reach a high level. As mentioned before there is no contract and this particular offer, if you not happy can be cancelled at any time.


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